Map of the research area MGR-analysis Pottery from Tepe Sohz stylistic group that is local | Photos: Tepe Sohz Restudy Projekt | © Johannes Greger Event flyer Pieces of glass from Komariv, Ukraine (Photos: J. Meyer, Institut für Prähistorische Archäologie, FU Berlin)
Research group (A-6) Economic Space analyzed economic structures in space, focusing primarily on the organization of production and distribution, but also on the space-related consumption of goods.
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The central object of research were ceramics, which are easily subjected to statistical evaluation, and hence especially useful in analyzing economic structures. The several research projects were devoted to questions concerning the role of space-based knowledge in the development of ceramic production and distribution in early societies, as well as to the discussion of distribution models and forms of exchange, including an examination of underlying social motivations. The studies compared stylistic and practical/theoretical research into ceramics with scientific analysis, thus allowing researchers to determine production sites and distribution and consumption spaces, which then has been classified and interpreted in connection with the style groups.

The research group was consciously pursuing a comparative perspective, in which mutual relations between diverse cultural spaces and epochs of the Ancient World are compared.

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