Antonio Ferrandes is an archaeologist from La Sapienza – Università di Roma. There, he is member of the research project  “Pendici nord-orientali del Palatino” and lecturer for methodology and technology of archaeological research.  His research interests include archaeological theory and method, urban archaeology, and the archaeology of Roman architecture and landscapes from the Republican period to Late Antiquity and beyond as well as the economic and social history of the ancient world, the study of material culture, and the archaeology of production and the history of Mediterranean trade.  Since 2001 he has been field supervisor of the excavations on the northeast slopes of the Palatine where he is engaged with the study of Roman material culture and the history of urban provisioning between the Republican and Imperial periods. His investigations at Topoi are part of the work of research group (A-6) Economic Space. He  contributes to their metholodical discussion on distribution spaces and consumption patterns with his  statistical and contextual approach of the reconstruction of past socioeconomic systems in the Roman republican and imperial ages.