Journalist in Residence Fellowship

Topoi provided with the “Journalist in Residence Program” research scholarships for journalists with a focus on science journalism. During their three to six months’ stay, journalists have the opportunity to immerse in the various research areas of the Cluster, to exchange ideas with scientists, or to participate in conferences and meetings. This allowed contacts with researchers to be established and ideas for own journalistic projects to be collected. The aim of the program was not only to encourage the exchange between journalists and researchers, but also to foster scientific work and results to public.

Previous Journalist in Residence at TOPOI

Profilfoto Andrew Curry

Andrew Curry | Journalist in Residence 2014

During his research stay at Topoi, the American science journalist Andrew Curry worked on ancient concepts of borders, ranging from country borders to intellectual borders and gave lectures on science journalism and his journalistic perspective on Antiquity and archaeology. He writes for The New York Times, the English version of Spiegel Online and the popular science magazines Archaeology and National Geographic. He is still a regular guest and discussion partner in Topoi and has reported several times on projects of the cluster – most recently in an article in the American magazine “Archeology” about researches on Scythian graves.


Profilfoto Andrew Curry
Antje Lang-Lendorff | Journalist in Residence  2016 | Key subject “Migration in a historical perspective”

The Berlin journalist Antje Lang-Lendorff received a fellowship at the Excellence Cluster Topoi linked to the topic “Migration”. The studied literary scholar and political scientist has already worked several times in reports  on the situation of the refugees coming to Berlin. Within the framework of the fellowship, she focused on historical examples of migratory movements from the basis of current social and political levels. For the blog, which accompanied the lecture series “Migration. Wanderungsbewegungen vom Altertum bis in die Gegenwart” , Antje Lang-Lendorff has written numerous articles. Furthermore interviews, which she held with speakers of the series, were published in the regional and interregional press.