Topoi I (2007–2012)

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In Topoi I space represented the central category and thematic nexus in the considerations of knowledge. The topic was knowledge about space.

Topoi is research-in-progress, whoes findings are now becoming visible. With the first funding-phase of the Excellence Cluster Topoi complete, Topoi can offer synoptic descriptions of the major findings, an overview on workshops, conferences, and exhibitions as well as publications that have grown out of Topoi 1 research activities.




Research Area A: Spatial Environment and Conceptual Design Research Group A-I: Central Places and their Environment Research Group A-II: Spatial Effects of Technological Innovations Research Group A-III: Archaeometry - Archaeoinformatics Research Area B: Mechanisms of Control and Social Spaces Research Group B-I-1: Surveying and Limitation Research Group B-I-1: Political governance and governed spaces Research Group B-III-2: The Diversity of Spaces Research Group B-IV: Applied Historical Geography Research Area C: Perception and Representation Research Group C-I-1: The Conception of spaces in language Research Group C-II: Images Research Group C-III: Acts Research Group C-IV: Research Group C-IV Research Area D: Theory and Science Research Group D-I-1: Cosmology Research Group D-II-2:  Place, Space and Motion Research Group D-III-3: Mechanics Research Group D-III-E-II-1: Dialectical Topoi Research Group D-III-E-II-2:Mapping Body and Soul Research Area E: The Processing of Space Research Group E-I: Ancient Spaces as Spaces of Motion Research Group E-II: Historical Epistemology of Space Research Group CSG-II: Histories and Genealogies of Culture Theories Research Group CSG-III: Technology Transfer in Antiquity Research Group CSG-IV: Museums Research Group CSG-V: Space and Collective Identities