The research platform Edition Topoi

Edition Topoi is publication medium and INTEGRAL research platform
of the Excellence Cluster Topoi


In 2013, the Excellence Cluster Topoi founded the integral research platform Edition Topoi. This platform is an innovative, digital research cloud – meaning a future-oriented infrastructure for presenting research results with international reach. All publications – books, articles, databases – are accessible worldwide free of charge and without restrictions.

Edition Topoi offers researchers the opportunity to publish content according to the reliable standards for analog and digital media. Furthermore, the research platform provides a novel communication structure and research environment primarily adapted to the needs of the scientific community. For this purpose, Topoi  developed new data formats such as the dEbook or the Citable. These formats allow the scholarly world to integrate digital content in further research and thus support interoperability in academia.

Digital Phanteon: Object BDPP0026 | Edition Topoi


Topoi publishes quality-tested multimedial research data as standalone, citable and as sustainably secured data publications on the research platform Edition Topoi…

dEbook mit Logo


With the dEbook Edition Topoi provides a new format that facilitates interactive reading, researching, annotating and networking of digital content …


Grafik Citables verknüpft mit dEbooks


Citable is a format developed by Edition Topoi for publishing digital research data accessible in the long term, clearly identifiable and computer-readable …