Dr. Gerwulf Schneider
Gerwulf Schneider is a research associate of the Archaeometry Workgroup at the Institute for Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry of the FU Berlin. Within the first funding phase of Topoi his research contributed to the work of research group (A-III-3) Economic Spaces: Scientific Analysis of Wheel-Made Pottery (Topoi 1).
Together with Malgorzata Daszkiewicz (ARCHEA) Warsaw, he carries out chemical, mineralogical and technological research on ceramics. His research goal is to classify and determine the origins of ceramics, on the basis of which questions regarding the transfer of technology and the organization of production and distribution of ceramics can be discussed. The examples provided range from the Neolithic to the Modern Era.
Special work areas: Central Europe, Mediterranean Hellenism up to late antiquity. The Near East, the Sudan.