Press REVIEW of the Excellence Cluster Topoi

Articles in print and online media as well as radio and television reports show the range and variety of topics from the Excellence Cluster Topoi.

Newspaper and Magazine Articles on Topoi Research(ers)

Von der Suche nach dem Sitz der Seele In: Stuttgarter Zeitung, March 16, 2018

Radio and Television Reports on Topoi Research(ers)

Wissen der Antike. Wie die Denker der Vergangenheit die Welt sahen Deutschlandfunk, April 26, 2018, Report about the conference “10 Jahre Exzellenzcluster Topoi – neue Perspektiven auf die Alte Welt”
Identität Deutschlandfunk, February 1, 2018, Interview with Reinhard Bernbeck and Stefan Schreiber

Online Reports on Topoi Research(ers)


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