Research Projects

  • Archaeotopia, the archaeological site as focus, expression and motor of collective identities

    “Archaeotopia” investigated the motivations, scope and regulating factors of interventions in archaeological sites by a multitude of interest groups. The processes of identity formation triggered by and expressed in these appropriations were analysed in representative case studies using a variety of methods, which include topological survey, anthropological fieldwork and the evaluation of media coverage, textual material and pictorial sources.

  • Genealogy, Migration Myths & Mythotopography

    Welche Funktionen haben Konstruktionen von Genealogie in Kulturen, insbesondere Religionen des antiken Mittelmeerraums, beispielsweise im Rahmen mythologischer Darstellungen wie etwa in Narrativen über die mythische (von dem griechischen Göttervater Zeus) entführte Europa und deren Familie, und in welchem Bezug stehen Genealogie und Raumvorstellungen und -verhältnisse?

  • Migration narratives in ancient Near Eastern Studies

    A migration narrative is a certain way of representing and telling the history of human migrations in a given historiographical context. Felix Wiedemann investigated the meaning and importance of such narratives in 19th –and early-20th-century ancient Near Eastern studies.