Prof. Dr. Almut-Barbara Renger

Almut-Barbara Renger is Professor of Ancient Religion, Culture and Their Reception History at the Institute for the Scientific Study of Religion at the Freie Universität Berlin. Drawing upon a wide range of sources and theoretical perspectives in the fields of religion and literature, her work focuses on the creation and dissemination of myths, legends, idols and icons in a variety of ancient and modern cultural contexts. Primarily, she is concerned with the Western classical tradition, with numerous articles and books that explore the continuing effects of Ancient Greek and Roman mythology and religion throughout history up to the present day. Another research area investigates dynamics in the history of religions between Asia, Europe and the U.S. In particular, she is interested in cross-cultural interactions and their impact on religious agency as manifested both in society and literature.

In Topoi 1 (2009-2012) Almut-Barbara Renger was member of the Cross Sectional Group V, research topic: “Genealogy in Religions and Cultures of Antiquity”. Since 2012 she is spokesperson of research group (B-5) Personal Authorisation of Knowledge.


Further Activities

9.11.2017 Talk “Mobilität im Mittelmeerraum. Die Erzähl- und Erinnerungskultur der Griechen am Beispiel der Entführung Europas durch Zeus”
Part of: Migration – Neue Perspektiven der Wissenschaft und ihre Einbindung in den Unterricht