Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Wolfram Schier

Wolfram Schier is Professor of Prehistoric Archaeology at Freie Universität Berlin. He studied at the universities of Munich, Saarbrücken and Oxford and received his PhD in 1985. He is member of the Topoi research groups (A-2) The Political Ecology of Non-sedentary Communities and (A-4) The Textile Revolution.

His research focusses on the neolithic of South- and Middle Europe, social structure and social change during europoean Iron Age, and the diachrone and comparative archaeology of settlements and landscape. Currently he is also researching the spread of prehistoric innovations (production of wool), archaeo-astronomy, prehistoric transfer of knowledge and neolithization.


Further Activities

9.11.2017 Talk “Wanderungsbewegungen in der menschlichen Ur- und Frühgeschichte”
Part of: Migration – Neue Perspektiven der Wissenschaft und ihre Einbindung in den Unterricht