Research Projects

  • (A-2-1) Pastorialism on the Eurasian steppes

    Forms of pastoralism are at the heart of one project researching the Eurasian steppe and forest-steppe zone. Two projects investigated the remains of pastoralists in the 4th/3rd millennium BCE north of the Black Sea and of the 1st millennium BCE in the steppe north of the Caucasus.

  • (A-2-2) Mobile village cultures in the foothills of the Kopet Dag

    This research project investigated the complex local relations between the physical environment and village economies in the late Neolithic and early Aeneolithic in the Kopet Dag piedmont zone of southern Turkmenistan. Recent research indicated that this region represents a dynamic physical and sociocultural environment, leading to frequent relocations and resettlements, sometimes within a single site.

  • (A-2-4) The Neolithic in the Nile Delta

    The project investigated the mechanisms by which the first settlers arrived along the western edge of the Nile Delta. The research focus was the re-analysis and the re-evaluation of records and finds resulting from prior investigations at the site of Merimde Beni Salama.The project was initiated and directed by Joanne Rowland. Members of the project were postdoctoral researcher G. J. Tassie and the student assistants Sebastian Falk, Sophie Schmidt and Georg Cyrus as well as the senior fellows Giulio Lucarini and Mennat-Allah El Dorry.