Prof. Dr. Jacob Rosen


(D-II) Physics & Metaphysics Topoi 1 (Senior Fellow: 01.09.2008 - 31.10.2008)


Publications in Topoi

Article 2012
Jacob Rosen, "Motion and Change in Aristotle's Physics 5. 1", in: Phronesis. A Journal for Ancient Philosophy, 57 (2012), 63–99
Article 2012
Jacob Rosen and Marko Malink, "A Method of Modal Proof in Aristotle", in: Oxford Studies in Ancient Philosophy, 42 (2012), 179–261
Article 2011
Jonathan Beere, Christoph Helmig, Christopher Noble and Jacob Rosen, "Place, Space, and Motion", in: Reports of the Research Groups at the Topoi Plenary Session 2010, eTopoi. Journal for Ancient Studies, Special Volume 1 (2011), 1–11