Prof. Dr. Florentina Badalanova Geller

Florentina Badalanova Geller is Guest Professor at the Excellence Cluster Topoi. She completed her BA and MA in Slavonic Philology at the University of Sofia in 1979. After spending a year at Warsaw University (1978-1979) she moved to the Moscow State University, where she completed her PhD in 1984 (Philology). She received her Habilitation in 1993. Her academic profile was much influenced by the Moscow-Tartu Semiotic School (working in close collaboration with Yuri Lotman and Boris Uspensky), Ethno-linguistics (conducting field-work with Nikita Tolstoi) and epistemological principles of the Moscow-Petersburg circle of Structuralist-Folklorists (Eleazar Meletinskii, Sergei Nekliudov and Elena Novik). She worked as Research Fellow and Senior Fellow in the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Institute of Folklore (1985-1994), also appointed as Associate Professor of Anthropology (with tenure) at the University of Sofia (1992-1994). She conducted extensive anthropological, folklore and ethno-linguistic field research in Europe and Asia. She came to the University of London in 1994 as British Council Lector, teaching at UCL for 10 years. Since 2004 she has a permanent position at the Royal Anthropological Institute (London), in charge of the Slavonic database for the Anthropological Index Online. She is Honorary Research Associate (UCL), and a member of the Advisory Board of the World Oral Literature Project (Cambridge University), as well as the Editorial Board of Circumscribere: Journal for the History of Science. She was also Specialist Advisor to the 2008 Research Assessment Exercise in the UK (Sub-panel 42: Anthropology). She has held research fellowships from the Modern Humanities Research Association (UK), British Academy and MPIWG. She was also the recipient of research funding from the Cotton Foundation and the Higher Education Funding Council of England.



Further Activities

11.04.2014 The Darkness and the North in the Medieval Slavonic Tradition
Part of: Zwischen Fiktion und Realität – Der Norden in der Literatur von der Antike bis zur Renaissance
20.12.2013 Cosmology in The Book of the Secrets of Enoch (2 Enoch/The Slavonic Apocalypse of Enoch)
Part of: Colloquium Commemorating Peter Damerow, Max Planck Institut für Wissenschaftsgeschichte, Berlin
21.-26.07.2013 Enoch Tradition and the Temptation (Response to Andrei Orlov)
Part of: Seventh Enoch Seminar: Enoch and the Synoptic Tradition
07.-11.07.2013 Ancient Jewish Apocalyptic Texts and Traditions in Slavonic Milieux: the Enochic Corpus
Part of: International SBL Annual Meeting in St. Andrews
01.-06.07.2013 Metaphors in 2 (Slavonic) Enoch
Part of: The Metaphorical Use of Language in Deuterocanonical and Cognate Literature, International Society for the Study of Deuterocanonical and Cognate Literature
26.-27.04.2013 The Cosmogonic Chronotope
Part of: International Conference The Beginning and the End of Times, Polish Academy of Sciences
17.03.2013 Slavonic Rendering of a Magical Historiola
Part of: American Oriental Society, Portland
04-07.02.2013 The Bible of Slavia Orthodoxa and its Vernacular Translation
Part of: International Seminar: The Bible Translation, The International Baptist Theological Seminary, Prague
17.-18.10.2012 The King and His Library
Part of: Libraries and Cultural Memory, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Pazmany Peter Catholic University, Faculty of Theology, Budapest
04.-06.10.2012 The Folk Bible and Folk Koran: Vernacular Cosmogonies and Ethnohermeneutics
Part of: Contes et légendes étiologiques dans l’espace européen, Université Paris-Sorbonne
02.-08.09.2012 Vocabulary of Creation
Part of: Biblical Concepts in Slavonic Tradition: Linguistic, Textual and Cultural-Historical Aspects
Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Cyrillo-Methodian Research Centre, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
26.-27.07.2012 Domesticating Enoch: The Reception of Second (Slavonic) Apocalypse of Enoch within “Biblicized’ Native Traditions of the Byzantine Commonwealth
Part of: Colloquium Biblicum Lovaniense 2012
03.-08.06.2012 Ancient Science and Slavonic Pseudepigrapha: Celestial Topography in 2 Enoch and Related Tradition
Part of: Early Judaism and the Slavonic Pseudepigrapha, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
23.03.2012 Cosmological and Eschatological Ideas in the Balkans
Part of: International Workshop Diffusion of Ideas in the Balkans, Institute for Slavonic Studies, Polish Academy of Sciences
10.03.2012 Apocrypha in Iconography and Oral Tradition (Protevangelium Jacobi)
Part of: Slavonic Apocrypha, Slavonic and East European Medieval Sudies Group, University of Oxford
24.01.2012 The Tower of Babel
Part of: Colloquium of the Institut für Religionswissenschaften, FU Berlin
20.12.2011 The Concept of the Three Magoi in Abrahamic Traditions (Religious Iconography, Folklore and Apocryphal Literature)
Part of: The Magic and the Sacred Texts in the Ancient Civilizations, New Bulgarian University
03-05.11.2011 The Sea of Tiberias: Cultural Transfer and Text Transmission in Medieval Apocryphal Tradition
Part of: Multilingualism and History of Knowledge in Asia from Antiquity till Middle ages
International conference: Zentrum Asienwissenschaften und Sozialanthropologie, Österreichische Akademie der Wissenschaften (ÖAW)
29.10-01.11.2011 Apocryphal Tradition: Between Mythology and Mythography
Part of: Mythology and Mythography
Moscow State University for the Humanities
13.-16.-06.2011 Slavonic Folk Bible: Fossil Texts or Living Antiquities?
Part of: Cultural Archeology of Jews and Slavs: Medieval and Early Modern Judeo-Slavic Interaction and Cross-Fertilization, The Institute of Advanced Studies of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem
16.05.2011 Unholy Scriptures: The Book of the Holy Secrets of Enoch the Just
Part of: Invited Lecture, Department of Slavonic Studies, University of Uppsala
03.03.2011The Miracle of Conception and Miraculous Conception: Ideas of Conception and Childbirth
Part of: Invited Lecture, Rome University La Sapienza
27.02.2011 Filial Sacrifice in Holy Scriptures and Beyond
Part of: Invited Lecture, Rome, La Sapienza University
19.-21.07.2010 The Akedah: Ethnohermeneutic Interpretation
Part of: Invited Lecture, Society of Old Testament Studies