The Key Topic Mapping was to integrate discussions on maps in a wider sense, i.e. the representation of spatial entities or conceptual entities and theirs interrelations in physical or mental diagrams, maps, and images.

This may include …

  • Topographical maps (in a wider sense): Modern topographical maps, GIS, 3D models, e.g. or ancient topographical maps.
  • Topological diagrams/plans/maps like the route map of the BVG, also Mental Maps (German Kognitive Karte) of, e.g., cities.
  • Diagrammatical iconographic analysis of ancient images.
  • Thematic diagrams, e.g., Mind Maps.
  • Genealogical stemmata.
  • Diagrammatical structure of texts, e.g., deixis, narrative frame structure, …
  • Diagrammatical structure of language, e.g., Semantic Maps
  • Metaphorical mapping (Blending Theory).