Papyrus mit der Reise des Re im Jenseitsführer Amduat


Topoi Lab C was to support the theoretical and methodological work in research area (C) Perception and Representation, encouraging broad-based discussions that were critical of disciplinary presuppositions, while unifying individual research programs consistent with the general themes of Topoi.

Lab C member Daniel A. Werning was also co-organiser of the Topoi Key Topic Mapping.



Daniel A. Werning “Im Porträt”, in: Raumwissen 12 (Februar 2013), 38-41.










Image above: Part of the presetation of an Egyptian Amduat papyrus, Egypt, 10th–9th c. BCE | Source: Ausstellung Jenseits des Horizonts | © Topoi | Translation and visualisation: Daniel A. Werning, underlying photo © Staatliche Museen zu Berlin — Preußischer Kulturbesitz