Nadine Riedl was Managing Editor of Edition Topoi’s book series and online-journal, together with Gisela Eberhardt. Heading the editorial office of the “Berlin Studies of the Ancient World” and “eTopoi. Journal for Ancient Studies”, they coordinated and monitored all stages of assessment and production, from manuscript submission to the creation of books and journals.

Nadine Riedl studied Classical Archaeology and Art History in Heidelberg and Berlin. She holds a PhD in Classical Archaeology from Freie Universität Berlin. Her interests include various aspects of scholarly communication, in particular open access and new publishing models as well as developing scientific publishing strategies. Her paper on “Altertum ganz neu: Bücher Open Access publizieren” (2015, together with Gisela Eberhardt) is avaible online (


Managing Editor of Edition Topoi’s book series and online-journal.