Werner Eck is Professor of Ancient History at the Universität zu Köln. He studied History, Greek, Latin, German and Archeology. In 1975 he habilitated at the Universität zu Köln where he had teached until his retirement in 2007. He is co-editor of the journal “Zeitschrift für Papyrologie und Epigraphik” (ZPE) and he is member of the Commission for Ancient History and Epigraphy of the German Archeological Institute in Munich. Since 1992 he has been the head of the graduate school „Entwicklung von Eliten im römischen Kaiserreich“, project manager of the Prosopographia Imperii Romani, and member of the Commission for Ancient Sciences of the BBAW. Besides that he was the president of the Association Internationale d`Epigraphie Grecque et Latine and of the Archäologische Gesellschaft Köln. During his fellowship at Topoi, from October to November 2011, he investigated the diversity of spaces in ancient times. In November 2014 he gave a lecture which was part of the „Ringvorlesung zum 2000. Todesjahr des ersten römischen Kaisers Augustus“.