Johannes Auenmüller, born in 1979, studied Classical Philology and Ancient History at the TU Dresden before studying Egyptology, Classical Archeology and Prehistory at the Freie Universität Berlin. 2008 he wrote his master thesis, which focused on a sociological and iconographic analysis of Ancient Egyptian tomb scenes of the Old Kingdom (ca. 2600 – 2180 B.C.), examinig the  representations of postures, actions, gender-related issues and body-related iconographic details of the depicted people under a strict sociological perspective. In July 2008 he recieved his Magister artium degree. His dissertation dealt with the territoriality of the Egyptian Elites of New Kingdom Egypt (ca. 1550-1069 B.C.), which incorporates sociological, social-geographic, psychological and ethnological perspectives on space and knowledge. Since 2014 he has been researcher at the Ägyptisches Museum Bonn.