Pharaonic Villages: their Physical and Social Landscapes in Diachronic Perspective
Christopher Eyre
Palace, Hamlet and cezba. Remarks about the Settlement Patterns in Dakhla at the End of the 3rd Millennium BC
Laura Pantalacci
Reconstructing Rural Settlement and Rural Society. Archaeological Approaches
Stephan Johannes Seidlmayer
Stone Vessels in 4th and 3rd Millennium Cemeteries at Naga el-Deir
Anita Kriener
'...dotted with many a village' - Fragmentary Evidence around Asyut
Jochem Kahl
New Kingdom Provincial Elites - Aspects of the Territoriality of a Social Group
Johannes Auenmüller
Echoes from Antiquity: Religious Life in Egyptian Villages
Fayza Heikal
Settlement Continuity at Medinet Habu / Kom Lola: A Win-Win-Situation
Wolfgang Mayer
Residence and Regions: Aspects of Local Governance in Third Intermediate Period Egypt
Jan Moje
Integrating the Newcomers - Politics and Village Life in 3rd Century BC Fayûm
Cornelia Römer
The late Roman pagus. A Comparative Study on Egypt and the Western Provinces
Stefan Esders
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Kastron Jême. An "Urban" Village on the Theban West Bank and its Environs in Byzantine and Early Islamic Times
Tonio Sebastian Richter