Quaternary International, ([inpress])

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Michael Thelemann, Wiebke Bebermeier, Philipp R. Hoelzmann and Brigitta Schütt, "Landscape history in the Widawa Catchment Area since the Saalian Drenthe stadial in Silesia, Poland. A geoarchaeological case study of long-term landscape changes", in: Quaternary International, ([inpress])
Torsten Klein, Wiebke Bebermeier, Jan Krause, Dirce Marzoli and Brigitta Schütt, "Palaeogeographical situation of an assumed ancient anchorage in the hinterland of a Phoenician settlement (Guadiana Estuary/SW-Spain)", in: Quaternary International, ([inpress])
Martin Schumacher, Anna Dobos, Wolfram Schier and Brigitta Schütt, "Holocene valley incision in the southern Bükk foreland: Climate-human-environment interferences in northern Hungary", in: Quaternary International, ([inpress])