Prof. Dr. Verena Lobsien

Verena Lobsien is a principal investigator in Topoi and professor of English Literature at HU Berlin. In Topoi I she was a member of Research Area E, research group (E-I) Spaces of Motion. Within this group she realized a research project on “Moving Beyond”, which focused on the topological imagination, in particular in Spenser’s Faerie Queene. She also supervised several dissertations within this research group, on topics such as the construction of spaces of Classical Antiquity in English travellers’ accounts or imaginative representations of transcendence in Milton’s Paradise Lost.  Verena Lobsien is Professor of English Literature at the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin. Her major research interests are Early Modern English literature and culture with a focus on the transformations of Hellenistic philosophies and their aesthetic potential, furthermore the poetics and aesthetic theory and theory of the imagination. Her current research is focused on Reception and transformation of antiquity in early modern literature and culture, Shakespeare’s poetics of passion, early modern Neoplatonism and Hellenistic philosophies and their aesthetic potential. In Topoi II she carries on her collaboration by being member of research groups (B-3) Oikonomia(C-2) Space and Metaphor and (D-4) Immaterial Causes and Physical Space.