Dr. Anton Gass

Anton Gass studied Prehistoric Archaeology at the North Kazakhstan State University (Kazakhstan) and Freie Universität Berlin. After graduating he conducted research as a doctoral fellow in research group (A-I-1) Pyramids of the Steppe. In June 2012 he successfully defended his doctoral thesis “Das Siebenstromland zwischen Bronze- und Früheisenzeit. Eine Regionalstudie/The Land of Seven Rivers from the Bronze to the Early Iron Age. A Regional Study”, and subsequently received a postdoctoral interim grant from Topoi. Since November 2012 he has worked as a research associate on the project “Scythian-Period Tombs” in research group (B-2) XXL – Monumentalized Knowledge. He is also coordinator of the PhD program Material Cultures and Object Studies (MaCOS)/Ancient Objects and Visual Studies (AOViS) at the Berlin Graduate School of Ancient Studies (BerGSAS).