Research Group B-III-3 investigated the various methods and systems of standardization through which heterogeneous, multi-ethnic empires and extensive territories were stabilized, standardized and consolidated with one another. Geographically and historically, the investigation encompassed the wide-ranging empires of the Near East of the 2nd and 1st millenia BC, and included explorations of timekeeping, metrology, writing systems and diplomatics, as well as units of currency and weight. Case studies indicated that metrical norming is an activ and consciously applied means of governance. With the question of interaction of “Space and Knowledge” an element of “Governance-Knowledge” is apparent. This element has become only limited object of only explicit depiction. But it will become explicit by the different levels of the materialization of this method and by the hint of royal inscriptions, to which extend this knowledge was used and permanently extended.

The research group created a database with 802 entries and a research-bibliography on Ancient Near Eastern metrology.

Research Projects