In this project, Joseph Vogl demonstrated through the theme of chrematistics and its profile of characteristics how economic processes and social structures permeate and pervade each other.


The project followed the transformation of chrematistics to the ascendancy of finance in early modernity and demonstrates the dynamics of a new politico-economic power.

Results of the project have been presented in several publications:

Joseph Vogl, Der Souveränitätseffekt, Berlin: Diaphanes, 2015

Joseph Vogl, “The Undoing of Functional Differenciation”, in: October, 149 (2014), 89–94

Joseph Vogl, “Zum Begriff einer ‚seignioralen’ Macht”, in: Wolf Dieter Enkelmann and Birger Priddat (Eds.), Was ist? Wirtschaftsphilosophische Erkundungen. Definitionen, Ansätze, Methoden, Erkenntnisse, Wirkungen, 2015, 395–412

(zus. mit Iris Därmann u.a.), “From the Oikonomia of Classical Antiquity to Our Modern Economy. Literary-theoretical Transformations of Social Models”, in: Space and Knowledge. Topoi Research Group Articles, eTopoi. Journal for Ancient Studies, Special Volume 6 (2016), 306–348