Maddalena Rumor

Maddalena Rumor was a doctoral fellow of Topoi at Freie Universität Berlin.  She is mostly interested in Ancient Mesopotamian Medicine, Pharmacology and Chemistry and is researching how these sciences related with neighboring Graeco-Roman cultures.  Her dissertation within the research group (E-CSG-III) From Technology to Science: The Spread of Knowledge, explored the hypothesis that some elements of Assyro-Babylonian medicine and pharmacology may be present in the Graeco-Roman medical/pharmacological literature. In so doing, it seeked to identify textual connections or interactions that can prove this hypothesis, ultimately supporting the idea of a transfer of medical knowledge between the two cultures. With this purpose in mind, the study was conducted specifically by analysing the ancient application of a peculiar class of medical ingredients, generally labelled by historians of ancient medicine with the term Dreckapotheke.


Further Activities

16.03.2014 Talk “Nasty ingredients in Babylonian and Graeco-Roman Medicine”
Part of:  224th Meeting of the American Oriental Society. Phoenix, AZ, USA
19.02.2014 Talk “From the Tigris to the Tiber: a case of Babylonian Astro-medicine in Pliny the Elder.”
Invited by the Classics and History departments, by the Dittrick Center for Medical History and by the World Lit program of the Case Western Reserve University. Cleveland, OH, USA
16.07.2013 Talk “From Iqīšâ to Pliny the Elder: Dreckapotheke and the Law & Order of a Kalendertext”
Part of: 59th Rencontre Assyriologique Internationale, Ghent, Belgiu
16.04.2012 Talk  “Dreckapotheke: lost in translation?”
hosted by the Humboldt Universität’s research program “Medicine of the Mind, Philosophy of the Body
06.12.2011 Talk “Origins of Alchemy”
Part of: Second Dahlem Seminar on the History of Science in Antiquity, “Esoteric Knowledge in Ancient Sciences” (in collaboration with Matteo Martelli)