Dr. Catalin Popa

Catalin Popa is an archaeologist. His research interests include archaeological theory, statistical modelling, group identity and the relationship between nationalism and archaeology. He focuses mainly on the Iron Age of Europe, with an emphasis on the Late Iron Age of South-East Europe.

During his fellowshipp at Topoi he investigated the relationship between group identity and environment in large fortified settlements during the Late Iron Age of Western and South-East Europe (oppida and davae). Besides this he is working on issue of reconstructing human perception from numerical data with the help of statistical modelling and the application of statistical modelling techniques for the reconstruction of group identity in Late Iron Age Europe.


Further Activities

23 – 25.09.2011 Conference “Fingerprinting the Iron Age. Approaches to identity in the European Iron Age”
at the McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research and Magdalene College, Cambridge, UK
2009-2012 Archaeological Review of Cambridge
Producer, Layout and Design Officer and Editor
2009-2011 Late European Prehistory Group, Department of Archaeology, University of Cambridge, UK