Dr. Alistair W. Pike


(A-II) Innovations Topoi 1 (Senior Fellow)


Mobility and palaeodiet in prehistoric Western Eurasia Topoi 1 (Dissertation: Additional Supervisor)

Publications in Topoi

Inproceedings 2012
Claudia Gerling, Volker Heyd, Alistair Pike, Eszter Bánffy, János Dani, Kitti Köhler, Gabriella Kulcsár, Elke Kaiser and Wolfram Schier, "Identifying kurgan graves in Eastern Hungary: A burial mound in the light of strontium and oxygen isotope analysis", in: Elke Kaiser, Joachim Burger and Wolfram Schier (Eds.), Population Dynamics in Prehistory and Early History. New Approaches by Using Stable Isotopes and Genetics, Berlin, Boston: De Gruyter, 2012, 165–176