Prof. Dr. Christopher Noble




Publications in Topoi

Article 2013
Christopher Noble, "Plotinus' Unaffectible Matter", in: Oxford Studies in Ancient Philosophy, 44 (2013), 233–277
Article 2013
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Article 2013
Christopher Noble, "How Plotinus’ Soul Animates his Body: The Argument for the Soul-Trace at Ennead IV.4.18.1-9", in: Phronesis. A Journal for Ancient Philosophy, 58.3 (2013), 249–279
Article 2011
Jonathan Beere, Christoph Helmig, Christopher Noble and Jacob Rosen, "Place, Space, and Motion", in: Reports of the Research Groups at the Topoi Plenary Session 2010, eTopoi. Journal for Ancient Studies, Special Volume 1 (2011), 1–11