Ph.D. Mark Howell

Mark Howell is a music archeologist and director of the Winterville Mounds Park and Museum, an native American archaeology site, near Greenville, Mississippi. Before then he was a professional musician and composer based in New York. In 2004 he received a doctorate in ethnomusicology from City University, New York with a work on Pre-Columbian Maya dance-play survivals in highland Guatemala and was appointed lecturer for music history at Fordham University.
During his Fellowship at Topoi Mark Howell made contributions to the Topoi exhibition “Jenseits des Horizonts: Raum und Wissen in den Kulturen der Alten Welt” by creating the “Klangraum” (Sound Room). Furthermore he was co-organizer of the conference “Sound, Political Space, and Political Condition: Exploring Soundscapes of Societies under Change” which took place in 2011. His forthcoming publication deals with the archaeology of Blues.