Dipl.-Wiss. Hist. Dipl.-Phys. Susanne M. Hoffmann



(D-1) Space of nature (Doctoral Fellow)


(D-1-1-1) The history of positional astronomy (Dissertation: Doctoral Fellow)

Publications in Topoi

Book 2017
Susanne M. Hoffmann, Hipparchs Himmelsglobus. Ein Bindeglied in der babylonisch-griechischen Astrometrie?, Wien / New York: Springer, 2017
Article 2015
Christina Michel, Susanne M. Hoffmann and Wolfram Schier, "Built Knowledge-Spatial Patterns and Viewsheds of Middle Neolithic circular enclosures in the Northern Foreland of the Harz Mountains, Saxony-Anhalt, Germany", in: Bridging the Gap – Integrated Approaches in Landscape Archaeology, eTopoi. Journal for Ancient Studies, Special Volume 4 (2015), 139–161