Rebecca Henzel is a doctoral fellow at Topoi and member of Berlin Graduate School of Ancient Studies. She studied ancient world studies and classical archaeology at Julius-Maximilians-Universität Würzburg and classical archaeology at Freie Universität Berlin and Università degli Studi di Roma “La Sapienza”. She received her master degree in 2014 with a study on “Die Skulpturenausstattung im Bouleuterion von Aphrodisias. Die scaenae frons im Wandel der Zeit”. As a part of the BerGSAS program “Landscape Archaeology and Architecture” (LAA) her dissertation is a study of public spaces in ancient sicilian and southern Italian cities which were due to Cicero`s descriptions far more decorated than the publicated archaeological material reveals. Her study examines the statue design of these cities from an holistic approach by analyzing its bases, its groundwork, its fragments and inscriptions. By that she intends to reconstruct the development and transformation of the design and utilization of the public space.


Further Activities

26.-28.02.2015 Conference “Olympia – Neue Forschungen und Fragestellungen”, Berlin