Publications in Topoi

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Further Publications

forthcoming “Trebonianus Gallus and Volusianus (251–253): ruling the Empire in-between the West and the East”, Ancient East and West (forthcoming).
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forthcoming “The Christianity in the politics of the roman emperors in the period AD 244–253” In: Studia in honorem Prof. R. Gandeva. Sofia. (forthcoming, in Bulgarian with an English abstract)
forthcoming Retrievable presence of Emperor Trebonianus Gallus (AD 251-253) in the Thracian provinces of the Roman Empire”, in: Acts of XIth Internetional Congress of Thracology (Istanbul University, Faculty of Letters, Center for Southeast European Studies). Istanbul 8–12 November 2010 (forthcoming).
2009 Review: Johne K.-P. Die Zeit der Soldatenkaiser. Krise und Transformation des Römischen Reiches im 3. Jahrhundert n. Chr. (235–284). Bd. I-II, unter Mitwirkung von Udo Hartmann und Thomas Gerhardt, Akademie Verlag, Berlin, 2008 – Archaeologia bulgarica 3 (2009), 85–89.
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“The Crisis in Rome during third century AD: the basic issues of the period AD 244–253”. В: Акти на ежегодната конференция Кюстендилски четения “Кризата в историята 20 гпокъсно” 29–31 май 2009 (In: Acts of the Annual Conference Kjustendil Readings “The Crisys in the History 20 years later”) (forthcoming, in Bulgarian)