Claudia Gerling

Claudia Gerling is a member of Topoi, research group (A-2) Political Ecology. She was a postdoctoral fellow from 2012 to 2013. Her research focuses on the synthesis and interpretation of the scientific (stable isotope and palaeogenetic analysis) and the archaeological data previously obtained in the first funding phase of Topoi (Topoi 1), but she is also interested in the theoretical backgrounds of the economy, ecology and mobility in non-sedentary communities.
Claudia studied Prehistoric Archaeology, Classical Archaeology and History of Arts at the Universities of Würzburg, Vienna and Naples. In 2012 she completed her PhD within the Excellence Cluster Topoi, research group (A-II) Innovations (Topoi 1). In this context Claudia was working on the mobility and diet of the steppe peoples in prehistoric Western Eurasia, a topic she approached mainly through isotope analysis. As a member of Topoi she was based at the Freie Universität Berlin for the theoretical part of the project, but conducted isotope analyses at the Universities of Bristol and Southampton.