Dr. Andrew Gardner

Andrew Gardner is Senior Lecturer in the Archaeology of the Roman Empire at the Institute of Archaeology, University College London. His research to date has been broadly concerned with the dynamics of imperialism in the Roman world, attempting to build bridges between this field and wider debates in archaeological theory. Themes of interest include identities, agency and power, violence, temporality, and the use of the past in the present. His major publications include the books An Archaeology of Identity (Left Coast, 2007) and Evolutionary and Interpretive Archaeologies (ed. with E. Cochrane, Left Coast, 2011), and a recent paper on “Thinking about Roman Imperialism” in Britannia (vol. 44, 2013).

During his Topoi Fellowship in June/July 2014, he collaborated with Dr Kerstin Hofmann and others in the research group (B-4) Spatial Identities. He presented a lecture entitled “Time Zones: the Temporal Dimensions of Spatial Identities” and participated in the workshop on “Economic and Political Interaction on the Edges of the Ancient Empires”.