Henning Franzmeier is the field director of the Qantir-Piramesse project in Egypt’s Nile Delta. Having worked at the site for ten years, he took over from Edgar B. Pusch in 2015.

His research interests cover a range of topics within the fields of Egyptology and archaeology. His doctoral dissertation (2014) focused on the New Kingdom necropolis of the Middle Egyptian site of Sedment, undertaking a reassessment of the 1920/21 excavations conducted by W.M.F. Petrie. He is particularly interested in the combination of funerary archaeology with the exploration of the effects of early 20th century archaeological practice on 21st century research. In Qantir, he worked previously with Egyptian pottery of the Ramesside period, processing a large corpus from the loci Q V, Q VII and a well at the nearby village of Samana. His MA thesis (2006) dealt with the technology of water supply in New Kingdom Egypt based on the study of the well mentioned above.

His other research focuses on the history of the field of Egyptology. This includes early 20th century fieldwork in Egypt and the history of German Egyptology and its proponents in the first half of the 20th century.