Dennis Robert Mallick Campbell has been an Assistant Professor at the History Department of the University of San Francisco since 2013. He studied anthropology, archaeology and Hittitology at the universities of Pennsylvania and Chicago. His interests are in the field of the Hurrian language, especially the morpho-syntax, and its various cultural impacts on the societies of the ancient Near East. These impacts can be observed primarily in ritual texts. During his fellowship at Topoi Dennis Campbell participates in the research project (B-4-1) The Art of Conjuration. This collaboration focuses on the topic of “regional” and “global” knowledge and its transmission in time. Furthermore Dennis Campbell`s approach to ancient languages will lead to synergies with the research group (C-1) Deixis and Frames of Reference, particularly regarding translation and translation methods, for example the Hurrian-Hittian bilingual inscriptions and the Hittite literature from an Hurrian origin.