Ana Arroyo Cambronero studied Ancient History in Madrid. At the beginning of her PhD studies she continued her specialization in Hittitology with an Erasmus scholarship in Rome. From 2007 to 2009 she was a research fellow at the Instituto de Estudios Islámicos y del Oriente Próximo (I.E.I.O.P.) in Zaragoza, Spain. Following this she began a european Ph D fellowship at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid and Freie Universität Berlin with a DAAD-fellowship which she completed in 2013. Her main research interests are Ancient Near East History, Hittite Literature, Historiography, History of Philosophy and Epistemology.

At Topoi she is a post-doctoral fellow in the project (B-4-1) The Art of Conjuration – an Example of the Regionalization of Global Knowledge. She investigates knowledge transfer among the Hittites focusing on magical ritual texts. The main aim is to identify distinct cultural elements of Ḫatti and to elucidate who was responsible for their endurance and transmission through time, the discard of some of them, and the incorporation of new ones from other regions or cultures, and when and how it was done.


Further Activities

26.1.2016 Talk The symbolic meaning of names in the Hittite Empire
Part of: What’s in a name? Zur Funktion und Bedeutung von Namen im Altertum und den Altertumswissenschaften