(Net)working a stone into a tool: The international eoliths controversy in the light of new approaches to the history of archaeology
Marianne Sommer
Biography, prosopography, networks and the history of archaeology: A combined approach
Amara Thornton
Affective space, pedagogy and the creation of archeology at Cambridge
Pamela Jane Smith
Ernest Babelon: a life of scholarship at the "Cabinet des médailles et antiques"
Felicity Bodenstein
Chinese, Dutch and Islamic archaeological sites and the development of community-based heritage politics in (post)-colonial Indonesia
Marieke Bloembergen
Martijn Eickhoff
The cultural spaces of antiquity. Palenque and the writing of history in the Americas
Irina Podgorny
Skulls, noses and monuments. Racial mapping in 19th- and early 20th-century Near Eastern archaeology
Felix Wiedemann
Wilhelm Unverzagt and the political cultural history of prehistory
Timo Saalmann
"Volkliche Unterschiede". Semantic changes in Gotthard Neumann's concept of prehistory
Fabian Link
From digging in space to imaging space - Media and the function of images in the history of archaeology
Stefanie Klamm
Objects of knowledge in modern settlement archaeology: The case of the Iron Age "Fürstensitze" (princely seats)
How STS tools can be useful to revisit the "radiocarbon and tree ring revolution"
Géraldine Delley
Excavation and experiment. Looking at archaeological fieldwork through the lens of the historiography of science
Gisela Eberhardt
Why is the dialogue so difficult between the historiography of the human sciences and the historiography of science?
Serge Reubi