In the course of the LAA zu Gast  entitled “Making other Worlds: The Role of Modelling in Interpreting Past Landscape Evolution” our guest Prof. Dr. Wainwright from Durham, UK will be available for a One-Day-Workshop on modelling past human-landscape-interaction. The workshop will take place at Topoi Haus Dahlem on July 9, 2014.

Two discussion sessions are planned: first we will talk about the agent based model “CybErosion”, developed by Wainwright and others (running in Java Repast). He will present a simplified version of his model running in NetLogo, focussing on issues like amount and quality of input data, definition of feedback rules between altering landscape and acting agents, etc. Since NetLogo is rather simple to handle you are kindly invited to think about and discuss possibilities of how to address questions of your own research.

Second we want to include GLUES, a model on human adaptability developed by Carsten Lemmen. We will compare the two models concerning relation between input data (quality, amount, effort for acquisition) and value of model output and the two different technical approaches (Java Repast Libraries vs. NetLogo). Additionally we will address impacts of deterministic momentums and feedback rules on the output and meanings for its significance.

If you are interested please write us an email ( with the following information until June 27:

name, field of study and modelling experience.

We will keep you informed and send you some mandatory literature.