Johara Berriane, "When Senegalese Tidjanis Meet in Fez: The Political and Economic Dimensions of a Transnational Sufi Pilgrimage", in: Ute Luig (Ed.), Approaching the Sacred. Pilgrimage in historical and intercultural perspective, Berlin: Edition Topoi, 2018, 299–321


The tomb of Ahmad Al-Tidjani in Fez has progressively become an important pilgrimage centre for the Tidjani Sufi order. Ever since the Tidjani teachings started spreading throughout the sub-Saharan region, this historical town has mainly been attracting Tidjani disciples from Western Africa. Most of them come from Senegal were the pilgrimage to Fez (known as ziyara) has started to become popular during the colonial period and has gradually gained importance with the development of new modes of transportation. This article analyses the transformation of the ziyara concentrating on two main aspects: its present concerns with economic and political issues as well as the impact that the transnationalisation of the Tidjani Senegalese community has on the Tidjani pilgrims to Morocco.

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