María Josefa Castillo Pascual, "Echt oder unecht? Frontin als gromatischer Autor aus historischer Sicht", in: eTopoi. Journal for Ancient Studies, Volume 5 (2016), 46–62


The aim of this paper is to offer conclusive arguments from a historical perspective for the attribution of Gromatic Writings De agrorum qualitate, De controversiis, De limitibus and De arte mensoria to the senator Sextus Iulius Frontinus. There are two historical evidences in favor of such attribution: the public offices that Frontin had performed during his life in the service of the Roman emperor, and the role that his literary production played within his politial career. Both evidences were treated in the present paper. It will be proved that it is a close connection between his public offices and his works on ars mensoria, res militares and cura aquarum. It is also important to note that for Frontin, as for other state officials of his time, the loyalty to the emperor and the utilitas publica were essential.

Published In

Gerd Graßhoff and Michael Meyer (Eds.), eTopoi. Journal for Ancient Studies, Volume 5 (2016), Berlin: Exzellenzcluster 264 Topoi