Svend Hansen, "Der Hort von Nebra: seine Ausstattung", in: Harald Meller and Francoise Bertemes (Eds.), Der Griff nach den Sternen. Wie Europas Eliten zu Macht und Reichtum kamen. Internationales Symposium in Halle (Saale) 16.-21. Februar 2005, 2010, 77–89


This article deals with the similarity of hoard composition in Nebra and Apa (northern Carpathian basin). Apa (Romania)represents a composition model including weapons (axes and swords) and large spirals which is distributed east of theRiver Tisza. In western Hungary a different compositionmodel dominates. Contemporary hoards consist mainly of pendants,pins,bracelets and spirals whereas weapons and tools are rare. In the so-called Koszider hoards (Dunaújváros-Kosziderpadlás,Hungary) weapons and tools,particularlyaxes,sickles and bars,are included. A new element is the fragmentation of the objects. It is argued that Apa and Kos-ziderpadlás represent two models of hoarding which areadopted in other European regions. The Nebra hoard is anearly example of the Apa model. The Bühl and Ackenbachhoards in southern Germany are early examples of thewestern Hungarian Dunaújváros-Kosziderpadlás model.

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