Jochem Kahl, Mahmoud El-Khadragy, Ursula Verhoeven, Silvia Prell, Ina Eichner and Thomas Beckh, "The Asyut Project: Seventh Season of Fieldwork", in: Studien zur Altägyptischen Kultur, 39 (2010), 191–210


This report first refers to the international conference of The Asyut Project at Sohag in October 2009, and focuses then on the cleaning of an unfinished shaft in Tomb V (M11.1), and the archaeological remains on the mountain plateau from the early Middle Kingdom onwards. The recent documentation of the hieratic graffiti in N13.1 brings up more details for the wisdom texts and proves the title of a “scribe of the estate of jackals in the temple of Wepwawet” in the visitors’ texts. The area of O11 with the “Tomb of the Dogs” was cleaned opening a gallery with huge amounts of carcasses of canids and other animals, also several hundred hammerstones were found in its entrance area. Late antique and medieval remains were examined in the region of the monastery Deir el-Azzam and five rock-cut tombs nearby on top of the Gebel as well as in the monastery of Deir el-Meitin lying downhill. A painting on the ceiling of Tomb IV probably represents John of Lycopolis.

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