Publications in Topoi

Barbora Weissová and Peter Pavúk, "On Persistency of the Main Communication Routes from Prehistory until Today", in: Türkiye Bilimler Akademisi Arkeoloji Dergisi, 19 (2016), 11–21

Further Publications

in Print B. Weissova, “Quantification of Burial Mounds in Yambol Region; Methods and Results of the Seasons Conducted in the Years 2009 and 2010”, in: proceedings from the symposium “Settlement Life in Ancient Thrace”, Yambol, 2013, in print, expected 2014
2012 P. Tušlová, B. Weissová, “Pistiros report 2011, part II”, in: Studia Hercynia XVI/2, Prague, 2012, 8-11
2011 P. Tušlová, B. Weissová, “Roman Terracotta Lamps from 27 Metropolit Panaret Street, Plovdiv, Bulgaria”, in: Studia Hercynia XV/2, Prague, 2011, 18-26
2010 A. Sobotková, S. Ross, G. Nehrizov, B. Weissová, “Tundzha Regional Archaeological Project; Kazanluk Survey and Investigations; Report form spring 2009-2010”, in: Studia Hercynia, Prague, 2010, 56-66
2010 S. Kučová, P. Tušlová, B. Weissová, “Greek and Black Sea Transport Amphorae in Emporion Pistiros; Quantified Analyses of Material Excavated until 2009”, in: Pistiros IV, Prague, 2010, 205-220