Prof. Dr. Heinz-Eberhard Mahnke

Heinz-Eberhard MAHNKE is Honorarprofessor, Physics Department, FU Berlin, he was a senior scientist at HZB (Helmholtz-Center Berlin for materials and energy), and recently visiting professor at C2RMF (Centre de recherche et de restauration des Musées de France), Palais du Louvre, Paris (until 9/2009).

Starting with basic research in nuclear physics and solid state physics using nuclear techniques (esp. in connection with ion beams) he moved into interdisciplinary research on our cultural heritage using ions and x-rays from synchrotron sources applied e.g. to the investigation of stained glass. His recent interest is the strive for reading virtually unfolded – unrolled papyri by tomographic techniques.

His activities focus on the promotion of interdisciplinary research on cultural heritage, best manifested by the incorporation of this field into the highly prestigious conference format Gordon Research Conference organized by the GRC with the first conference successfully held in 2012.


Further Activities

since 2010 Member of the peer-review committee for AGLAE (at C2RMF) within the European CHARISMA program
1990 – 2009 Involved in the network “Research with nuclear probes and ion beams” (sponsored by BMBF Federal Ministry for Education and Research), committee member (1990 – 1995 and since 2002), organizing yearly workshops of the network in  1990, 1999 und 2003 and for the general network for “Ion research” 2006 at HMI in Berlin.
2006 Member of the review committee for the evaluation of the research program of CIRIL at GANIL, Caen.

Talks, conferences and more


2012 Chairman of the first Gordon Research Conference on “Scientific Methods in Cultural Heritage Research”, July 29 to August 3, West Dover VT, jointly with Marco Leona, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. The succeeding conference is scheduled for July 27 to August 1, 2014 in Newry, Maine, USA under the chairs Francesca Casadio (Chicago) and Philippe Walter (Paris).
April 2012, Physics Department UNAM Mexico City, Talk: “Accelerators: from materials science to cultural heritage studies”
2011 Chairman of a French-German Summer School “Science and Technology in Cultural Heritage STICH 2011” on Frauenchiemsee, Germany, jointly with Philippe Walter, C2RMF, Paris, and Andrea Denker, HZB Berlin, sponsored by the Université Franco-Allemand UFA-DFH and the French Embassy in Germany.
November 2011, Physics Department, UMK Torun, Talk: “Accelerators: from materials science to cultural heritage studies”
Mai 2011, EMRS Spring Meeting Nice, Symposium P, Talk: “X-ray spectroscopy: non-destructive
chemical analysis of hidden structures – from absorption to tomography”
April 2011, Archéométrie 2011 Conference Liège, Talk: “Accelerators and x-rays in cultural heritage investigations”
March  2011 Materials Science Department, SUNY Stony Brook, Talk: “High Tech for Cultural Heritage – Secrets disclosed non-destructively”
2010 Invited to a stage discussion (broadcasted on public radio Inforadio (RBB) on
“High-Tech in the Museum – Dinosaurs, Mummies and other beauties” April 29, 2010.
2009 Chairman of a French-German Summer School “Nanophotonics in Nature and Art 2009” in Ile d’Oléron, France, jointly with Serge Berthier, INSP UPMC Paris, and Michel Menu, C2RMF, Paris, sponsored by the Université Franco-Allemand UFA-DFH.
Chairman of a symposium on “Cultural heritage objects irradiated – Radiation hits cultural heritage” (in German) at HZB, Berlin, jointly with Andrea Denker, Walter Braun (HZB) and Oliver Hahn (BAM).
Invited seminar travel tour to China with a grant by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft April 2009 to Institute of High Energy Physics CAS, Beijing, and Institute for Modern Physics, CAS, Lanzhou with lectures on “Accelerators as a link from solid state physics to cultural heritage” and “Ion-beam induced nano-sized Ag-metal clusters in glass”.
2007 Chairman of a German-French Summer School “AARD2007 – Analysis in Art with Radiation” in Mühlhausen, Thüringen, jointly with Michel Menu, C2RMF, Paris, and Oliver Hahn, BAM, Berlin, sponsored by the Université Franco-Allemand UFA-DFH.

Photo: Instituto de Fisica UNAM Mexico