Donald W. Jones

Donald Jones is an economist from the University of Tennesse who is familiar with archaeological topics. He received his doctorate in economic geography from the University of Chicago in 1974. There, he was appointend assistant professor in the Department of Geography and then in the Department of Economics. Following this, he has held positions at diverse universities, such as  the University of Colorado, the University of Tennesse and Loyola University Chicago. Besides these academic positions, he worked as an economist for TN & Associates and is until today vice president and senior economist at RCF Economic & Financial Consulting, Inc.

Donald Jones has published monographs on Early Iron Age Crete and Bronze Age Crete and papers on the methods of estimation of 8th century BCE Greek population growth, Homeric gift exchange, and the origin of coinage in 6th century BCE Lydia, as well as a handbook of contemporary economics for archaeologists and ancient historians.

During his fellowship at Topoi he gives lectures and seminars on economics and by co-editing the Handbook of Economic Concepts which is a major work of the Key Topic Economy.