Dipl.-Rest. Antonia Hofmann

Antonia Hofmann is a graduate conservator of archaeological artifacts with a focus on archaeometry. As a doctoral scholarship holder in the Topoi research group (A-6-3) Distribution systems of ceramics of the Neolithic to Islamic period from the Middle Euphrates Valley in Northern Syria, led by Michael Meyer and Kay Kohlmeyer, she examines ceramic materials from a broad range of time periods and locations with the aid of p-ED-RFA to determine whether conclusions can be drawn from a diachronic perspective concerning changes in production techniques and intentions, use of raw materials and technology distribution patterns, and what additional methods such a study might require.

Antonio Hofmann also has participated in the PhD program “Material Cultures and Object Studies” (MaCOS) at the Berlin Graduate School of Ancient Studies (BerGSAS).


Further Activities

10/2012 Tagung “Archäologische Funde – Neue Methoden?” der Fachgruppe Archäologische Objekte (Verband der Restauratoren) in Stuttgart
Vortrag: “Neue Perspektiven – Untersuchung archäologischer Objekte mittels portabler ED- Röntgenfluoreszenzanalyse”
12/2011 Tagung “Gefestigt – Berufsbilder in der Konservierung/ Restaurierung und Grabungstechnik” der Absolventen des Studiengangs an der HTW Berlin
Organisation und Vortrag: “Neue Wege in der Forschung an der HTW- Berlin”