The workshop is given by Prof. Daniela Manetti (Università degli Studi di Firenze, Italia)

The so-called Anonymus Londiniensis is a medical doxographical text surviving on papyrus and presumably dating from the first century CE, although much of its contents goes back to earlier Peripatetic sources. The text is an important testminony to classical and early Hellenistic theories about health and disease, about the relation between the mental and the physical and about the bodily structures and mechanisms facilitating movement, perception and digestion. Following upon her critical Teubner-edition of the Greek text (Berlin, 2011), Professor Manetti is now working on a translation with commentary and interpretive essays. During the seminar, she will present drafts of her work for feedback and discussion among members of Mapping Body and Soul and the AvH Medicine of the Mind, Philosophy of the Body project.