A WebGIS is a digital, interactive platform, which can represent GIS data browser-based. In addition, this web service offers the ability to perform spatial analyzes and to make data available for download.

Participants will be able after the seminar to

– prepare and upload thei GIS-data into the Topoi WebGIS,
– manage and adjust the WebGIS-layout according to their data structure.

Requirements: Participants should be famliliar with GIS in general and with ArcGIS in particular. It is recommended to bring along your own GIS-data. An information on sheet, how to prepare the data for an WebGIS upload, will be send to all registered participants in advance.



Theoretical part: introduction to the Topoi-WebGIS ist potential, functionalities and integration into the Topoi concept (Undine Lieberwirth)

Practical Part: introduction to the Web-Server and the Application Builder (Alexander Städtler, Undine Lieberwirth)


The number of participants is limited. Therefor, please register by sending an email to the organiser until  November 28, 2014.