Harald Biester is Professor of Geochemistry in the Institut für Geoökologie at Technische Universität Braunschweig. He is interested in the biogeochemical cycling of trace elements and inorganic pollutants in limnic systems with a focus on peatlands and lakes. Besides that he is interested in the formation of environmental and climate signals related to the distribution of trace elements.


Erhard Schulz, Harald Biester, Arno Bogenrieder, Eileen Eckmeier, Otto Ehrmann, Renate Gerlach, Mathias Hall, Christoph Hartkopf-Fröder, Ludger Herrmann, Birgit Kury, Manfred Rösch and Wolfram Schier, "How Long Will It Take? Regeneration of Vegetation and Soil after Clearing, Burning and Cultivation. The Forchtenberg-Experiment", in: Landscape Archaeology Conference (LAC 2012), eTopoi. Journal for Ancient Studies, Special Volume 3 (2012), 291–295